Point Venture Texas Section 3-1 Deed Restrictions & Section Maps

Point Venture Deed Restriction Section Map

Includes 14 Sets of deed restrictions.

PV has 14 sets of deed restrictions, one for every section outlined on this map. Each section is grouped by lot type, view lots, cluster cottage lots, etc. The restrictions were written in the early 1970's. Section 3-1 and Section 3-2 are eligible to be amended this year!

Point Venture Section 3-1 Deed Restriction Section Map (with STR Locations & Owners)

Kathleen Woodall opened the most recent STR on Peckham Dr.

There have been 3 new short term rentals listed within section 3-1 in the last 18 months. Two advertise they sleep 20 and one advertises they sleep 14. It is not uncommon for there to be 25 to 30 people in these rentals. The solution to protect you from having one of these STR's adjacent to your home is to amend our deed restrictions to require a rental duration of a minimum of 90 days. This will prevent houses in Section 3-1 from operating as a hotel/motel.

Point Venture Section 3-1 Deed Restrictions

Complete Deed Restrictions

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Point Venture Section 3-1 Deed Restriction Duration

Page 2 Section I General Provisions 4

Per the existing deed restriction duration we have a brief period of time to amend our current deed restrictions. We need a simple majority (51%) to sign and notarize the amendment mailed to you by USPS. Remember this only applies to Section 3-1 of Point Venture, consequently Short Term Rentals may operate in other areas within the community.



Point Venture Section 3-1 Deed Restriction Signed Date

Page 12 Section XI Captions

The original Section 3-1 deed restrictions were signed and recorded March 15, 1972. This is the 45 year anniversary and any change to the deed restriction must be completed by March 1, 2017 to ensure ample time to be filed. If not done in March 2017 the next opportunity will be 2027 and a full invasion of Short Term Rentals will have occurred.



Current Point Venture Section 3-1 Deed Restrictions may be Enforced by any Person Owning Property Anywhere In Point Venture. Proposed Amendment will not Change the way Section 3-1 Restrictions are Enforced.

Page 3 Section I General Provisions 5

Current Section 3-1 deed restrictions read that it shall be lawful for the Developer of for any person or persons owning property in the Subdivision (or in any other part of Point Venture) to prosecute any proceedings at law or in equity against the person or persons violating or attempting to violate any of such provisions



Anniversary Dates for all Point Venture Deed Restriction Sections

See Page 24 of the Section 3-1 Deed Restrictions

Anniversary dates for all Point Venture Sections can be found in the current Section 3-1 Deed Restrictions starting on page 24.



Proposed Section 3-1 Deed Restriction Amendment

Proposed Deed Restriction Amendment MUST Be Completed By March 1, 2017

Point Venture Section 3-1 property owners have the opportunity to amend the deed restrictions NOW and this opportunity will not occur again until 2027. Time is of the essence! With the explosion of Short Term Rentals opening in our area, residents will experience a continued erosion of the quality of life in Point Venture and loss of property values.



Local Notary ~ Mobility ~ Transportation Help For PV Section 3-1 Neighbors

Section 3-1 Lot Owners Offer Their Services

LOCAL NOTARY: Another option for notary services is Linda Godsey at 18702 Venture Drive (corner of Venture and Lakefront). She has graciously offered to notarize (free of charge) your signature on the deed amendment proposal.

If you want Linda to notarize your signature on the amendment please leave a message on her home phone, (512) 351-8627. She will then arrange a time for you to come to her house to have your signature notarized.

At that time you will need a government issued ID, such as a passport or driver's license. Linda will simply be verifying that you are who you claim to be. The authors of the proposed amendment that you are signing have already verified the name on the lot's title and that the lot is indeed in Sec 3-1.

LOCAL MOBILITY/TRANSPORTATION: For those of you who need help with mobility or transportation issues in regards to access to a notary, please call Dave Hargett (512) 373-8854 for assistance.